About us

Reddy Ranch is a private stable owned and operated by Stacy Reddy and daughters.  Located in Richland Hills, Texas since 2015, we strive to breed the best Pinto Drafts and American Cream Drafts in the metroplex. 


Stacy has been a part of the horse world since 1979, when she was given her first pony.  She did not look back.  In 2001, she won Pinto World with her Pinto American Saddlebred, then moved into the world of draft horses as a way to provide stout gentle riding horses to the larger person, of which she is a card-carrying member.


Stacy has owned Percherons, Shires, Belgians, Clydesdales, and then fell in love with the American Cream Draft Horse, the only breed of draft developed exclusively in the USA.   ACD horses are highly endangered.  Out of 58,000,000 horses in the world today, only 400 Cream Drafts make up that number.  Reddy Ranch proudly owns three ACD horses at this time.


Our mission is to bring awareness of this beautiful and historically important breed to the public eye through public outreach, horse shows and public exhibitions.  We maintain a Cream Draft at our property in Richland Hills to share with our neighbors and friends.  Our current ambassador is Warland Farms Scout, our ACDHA gelding.


Since 2009, we have bred, raised and shown the colorful Pinto Draft horse.  As a result, we usually have a PDH foal or two for sale each year.  Please check our sale page for a list of the current foal crop and upcoming year crosses.


Scout loves visitors with oatmeal cookies and graham crackers!


Stacy Reddy

EMAIL: texasreddys@gmail.com

PHONE: 972-505-6677